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Maile's Website

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Hi, I'm Maile. I'm the cutest poi dog in the world! But, don't let my good looks fool you; I'm a mean guard dog too. My favorite things to do are playing with Matt and Jojo when they are home. I love going to the beach and running in the sand. One neat trick I've learned is to take my time when I get to go outside. Every morning I get to go out and I have fun making Vince take me out 2 and 3 times. Vince thinks he's the alpha of the family but I know I am.
I can't wait till Matt and Jojo come home again or I get to visit Popo and play with Rascal--my cousin.
Do you want to see more pictures of me? I'm warning you...I am really cute and you may get suckered into giving me a dog cookie.

If you want to send me cookies (or email) click on my picture above.