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You have entered my NO-FRAMES site, if you have a newer brouser I strongly recomend you going to my framed website at You will aviod the pop-up adds. For those who are stuck using an older brouser, thanks for staying and visiting my website (sorry about the pop up adds).

That's me in the middle.

Hi, I'm Matt and thanks for visiting my website. For those of you that don't know me, I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Anyone that has ever been to Hawaii knows that it is a special place in the world. It is a chain of volcanic islands that has unprecedented beauty and nature. Hawaii also has a unique culture. A culture that is different from anywhere else in the US and the world. Hawaii is home to many people of different origins including the indigenous Hawaiians.

I'm 25 and currently live in Boulder, Colorado but I am planning to move to California. Hopefully soon! Some of my favorite things to do include skiing, hangout with my friends, getting into intellectual discussions, and playing sports.

I have many hobbies and lately I've been interested in computers and the internet. I've designed this website, and played around with building and upgrading my pc at home. When I'm not sitting in front of a computer, I love being outdoors. In the summer, I love biking and going for a hike when I can and of course camping and backpacking with friends is the best! Trust me I have some of the best and funniest backpacking stories you'll ever here! In the winter, well there is only one thing to do ski, ski, and ski.

So, that's me thanks again for visiting. (oh yea, for those who haven't moved your mouse over the picture: that's me in the middle)

Take Care,

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