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Matthew Lee
P.O. Box 21382
Boulder, CO 80308










Community Activities

I am active in the community and one of my best and most amazing experiences is being part of the annual Conference on World Affairs (CWA) on the campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder. I understand that being active in the community is very important for one to maintain a good quality of life, and also creates a better quality of life for people around you. Being part of the greater community helps build character, and creates relationships that one would not ordinarily have the opportunity to make. Giving back to the community helps everyone. It helps make the city you live in a better place for everyone.

I have also trained in Aikido for much of my life. Aikido is a martial art in which its principles are applicable to business, government and politics, and everyday life. Aikido along with my education has prepared me to be aware of changes in the environment, accept changes and to be fluid. In today's business world, the companies that are fluid can make changes, create new opportunities, and ventures. In Aikido, we learn to be fluid to have a clear perspective that will help us defend from our attackers. We learn that our mind cannot be "suck" on issues or problems, we learn to free our minds of clutter and move with our opponents to be one with them. In business when one's mind is "stuck" this means you cannot create new solutions, markets, and customers, in essence problems become impossible to solve. Through using the many principals of Aikido, I have learned to be flexible, fluid, and willing to accept new ideas and changes these qualities are very helpful in the corporate world.

To learn more about me and the things I am involved with please visit my website at http://matt.lee.tripod.comUnder "Activities" there is more information about CWA and Aikido in my life.