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In 1996, I received an academic achievement. I joined the Minority Arts and Sciences Program (MASP) at the University of Colorado and received a semester scholarship. MASP is a selective group of students studying similar majors to have academic support and support each other in the various curriculum. While in MASP, I made good friends and made great academic achievements.

One of my greatest achievements came during my senior year in high school. I was part of my high school outrigger canoe paddling team. I was selected to the Varsity II squad for the second year in a row. Of my padding crew, I was the most experienced and became one of the team leaders. During the season, I was named by my coaches "paddler" of the week for hard work dedication and for not missing any practices. At the conclusion of the season, I was named to the first team all-star by the Honolulu Star Bulletin newspaper. I was also named MVP for the season of my paddling crew from my high school.