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Matthew Lee
3546 Ambra Way
San Jose, CA 95132

NACSE Memeber

Work Experience:
Korve Engineering INC.
Dec. 1998 to Aug. 2000

B.S. Civil Engineering
1998 University of Colorado
Certificate in Core Information
Technologies Jan. 2001,
University of Colorado

Computer Skills:
CCNA, NANS, NWT, Windows 95/98
NT4.0, AutoCAD, Autoturn, PowerPoint,
Excel, Word, HTML, BASIC, Photoshop,

Recipient MASP Scholarship 1996
MVP and League All Star for
Mid-Pacific Institutes
Outrigger Canoe Team 1993

Interests and Community Activities:
Conference on World Affairs, Volunteer
Producer, Moderator, Series Editor
1996-2000. Rocky Mountain Ki-Society
and Institute of Zen Studies Aikido,
Hiking, biking, skiing, golfing, running
and other spots and activities.

My work experience and education has prepared me to solve difficult problems with creative solutions. I am an excellent candidate for employment because I am a hard working, work well with others, and have learned from my valuable work and volunteering experiences.

As an Associate Civil Engineer, I was often presented with the many analytical and technical problems relating the Civil Engineering profession. However, I was also challenged by many networking and computer problems. I eagerly accepted the challenges of fixing our offices computers but many of the problems were outside the scope of my knowledge. This led me to further study Networking and Information Technologies. In the past few months, I have worked hard to learn more about LANs, TCP/IP, routers, networks, and web-design. I have also gained first hand experience in configuring Cisco routers and created my own personal website. I have become a member of National Association of Communication System Engineers (NACSE) and gained two industry certifications from them (NANS and NWT). I have also completed my CCNA certification. My unique background in engineering has prepared me for many adverse situations which is ideal for the IT industry. I have since left the Civil Engineering profession to seek a career in Information Technology.

I offer many intangibles that cannot be taught. I am a well rounded individual because of my life experiences and my participation in many diverse extracurricular activities. I have the ability to learn quickly and adapt to new challenges. I realize that education is a constant process and I have prepared myself to be a life-long learner. I get along well with my coworkers and I especially work well in a team environment. I am also motivated to succeed in the new work environment created by the new economy. Please, visit my website at: for more information about me.

Thank You,
Matthew Lee