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Work Experience

In December of 1998, I started working for Korve Engineering, Inc. as an associate civil engineer. Korve was establishing an office in Denver and I was one of the first to hire on. Because the Denver office was a small office environment, I was able to work directly with the Office Manager and Regional Director. I was exposed to many challenges that not many people out of college get to experience.

I worked on both international and regional projects with other engineering firms as well as projects from Korve's California offices. I worked on traditional civil and rail engineering projects as well as proposals, and network maintenance. One of my first assignments was to analyze the computer needs of the Denver office. I was the most knowledgeable of the staff when it came to computers and networks. This led me to greater exposure of the network and dealing with the daily tasks of maintaining and backing up the server and clients. Since then I have continued to learn and gain more exposure to Networking, and Internet Technologies including Web-Design.

While working at Korve and other jobs in the past including volunteering, I have gained vital experiences of working of projects with team members. I have been a part of a team that wanted to build an office. I had input and was involved in many of the difficult decisions that involved Korve's Denver office. All of my prior work experiences will be beneficial to any new employer.